Jeffrey K. Fisher (1955-2014)

Jeffrey K. Fisher was a master illustrator and draftsman who received his training from Parson’s School of Design while studying under masters such as David Passalacqua Sr. and Burne Hogarth. Jeff’s versatility as an artist was near unmatched and rarely seen in art history, and his precise and expert draftsmanship was even rarer.  Jeff was well known in the illustration industry, having literally hundreds of his drawings and paintings published. In addition, he was an active member of the Society of Illustrators and the Berndt Toast Gang.

However, Jeff was not just an artist in his own right, but a teacher and mentor as well. Jeff taught at multiple institutions, including (but not limited to) the Smithtown School District, Farmingdale State University, Nike Headquarters in Oregon and was a visiting lecturer at Pratt School of Design. However, he most commonly taught at (and ran) The Drawing Studio LI in Smithtown, NY.

Jeff never taught his students how to draw – but rather, how to see. He encouraged his students to explore their own visual language and individuality, and never interfered with one’s voice or personal message. Although his teaching was incredibly unconventional, he influenced hundreds of artists in the tri-state area. What was even more amazing about his teaching was that his lessons not only pertained to art – but also to life.

When Jeff passed away on November 14th, 2014, a group of his students decided to pick up the pieces and continue his legacy. Rather than let the studio fall to shambles, we regrouped and rebuilt as the Jeffrey K. Fisher Drawing Studio. While Jeff may physically be gone, he lives on in spirit through his students, the studio and his teachings.